Posted on 09-Jan-2019

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Narcissistic abuse is becoming widely exposed in the public. This happens when another person uses manipulation tactics that are cleverly done in order to control the emotions and behaviours or another person.
They use punishment behaviours. This could be silent treatment or a certain look or rolling there eyes, or a threat of violence or threaten to throw you out of the house or stop you from having access to your children or finances.
This is a way to get you to give in to their demands or to control you. This will send you a message that they are not happy with you.

This can cause people to end up putting the narcissists wants and needs before their own. This can look like not doing the job or things that you want to do because you are taking care of other people or their children when it's not your responsibility.

The narcissists needs are coming before your own. If you try to change this you may fear them becoming angry or withdrawing their love or that you will be isolated.
This is just one small manipulation tactic that narcissists use to control other people.

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